A pop of orange

Yesterday my entire country was washed over by a flood of orange.

Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme, but it was Kingsday in The Netherlands and that means many people dress themselves (and the streets, their homes and businesses) in orange, since it’s our national colour. Most people just buy cheesy celebratory shirts and plastic accessories or literally anything orange they can find, they hit the streets and drink all day.

Not me though, I don’t enjoy crowds and I don’t really have a thing for the royal family, so I did not feel the need to get into the festivities. I do like dressing for an occasion though, so I did want my outfit of the day to include a little nod to the theme of Kingsday. I have plenty of orange in my close because it’s one of my favorite colours to wear and I could have easily went way more orange with it, but I felt like being a bit more subtle with it, which resulted in this look.

Marlies Dekkers S|S

At the start of this year I was one of the lucky ones that got invited to the Marlies Dekkers fashion show. During the show I got to see the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections for this year and I. Was. Floored. I am absolutely head over heels in love with these collections! The show was an awe inspiring bombardment of colour, fun, drama, beautiful dancing and more. I enjoyed every second of it! I love the models that Marlies chooses to represent her designs during the shows, they are so fierce, sexy, strong and playful all at once.

The inspiration for the collection that is out now is the incredible Julia Child. I didn’t know a lot about her at first but when I heard she was the muse for this collection, I read a lot about her and her life. She was such an interesting and awesome woman! She served in WOII, working for the OSS (what would now be CIA) where she was a damn SPY (and met her husband), she helped develop a shark repellent, survived breast cancer and wasn’t actually a good cook until she was in her late 30’s. She received numerous prestigious awards and is a true inspiration for so many. This woman proves that you can do whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want to do it. She found what she loved and she did not give up. That’s a powerful woman.

Julia Child is of course most known for her cooking, so the collection has a lot of fun (retro) food elements in it. Details like little knives and forks, a couture set that resembles a french apron, a lingerie set with grapes (wine + food = a match made in heaven!) I absolutely adore it!

This caused me to love the collection even more. Ever since I saw the first pieces I was already excited, but the fact that Marlies has such interesting and strong women as muses adds so much more to the collections and designs she puts out. More to fall in love with.

Lucky me got my hands on the gorgeous Gloria Pristine and Gold from the collection and I wanted to show you guys how it looks on a curvy body as well as how you can style it with and outfit and still show it off a little.

I tried to show some different angles and poses as well as some more up-close shots of some of the details. I always wear XL bottoms in Marlies Dekkers sets and this set is no exception. For the bra I tried my usual size, 75F, but it looked just a little small, so I went with a 75G for a change. I must say I think the 75F might have been more comfortable to wear for a whole day ( the G cup is just a little bit too high under my armpit) but when it comes to looks, this one just looked better. I think I could have gotten away with the F as well but it would’ve felt and looked a little bit too tight in some areas ( bit of double boob action if you get what I mean).

The fabric is a dream in terms of softness, and the set is very comfortable to wear. The gold faux leather details are such a lavish design touch and make it a lovely piece to style in a more visible way with your outfits. I think it looks very classy and sexy. Wear it with sheer white knit top, an off-shoulder blouse or maybe even under a blazer. Don’t be afraid to show off your favorite lingerie!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know if you have any questions or if you’re gonna get something from this collection!

Lots of love


Black & Brown

As the seasons change, I often feel like my style changes too. It’s getting colder and I am having a hard time putting together nice looks that don’t feel repetitive. Lately I have been trying to style some of the older and forgotten items in my closet. I have so many clothes that I never wear, that I decided it is time for another wardrobe clean out. A lot of stuff needs to be sold, given away or thrown away. Before I do that though, I want to give some of the items in my closet another chance! I’m sure there are a lot of cute things in there that I’ve only worn once or twice that deserve better.

I feel like every time the seasons change, or at least during spring and autumn, my wardrobe needs a  good looking at and sorting out. How do you go about these things? Do you just throw stuff out when you feel like you need change?

All of the things I’m wearing have been in my closet for 3 months to a year, so I can’t really give you direct links, because they probably aren’t available anymore. However, I will list where I bought the items, just in case.

  • Cardigan: Primark
  • Skirt: Forever 21
  • Boots: Lamoda
  • Top: H&M
  • Choker: Primark

Photos by Marco Edelman

Crossing lines

Do you, like me, feel like flaunting your beautiful lingerie sometimes? It might be inappropriate to walk around in your underwear (also, pretty cold), but there are a number of ways that you can feature your favorite lingerie in your looks without being half naked. In this case, I wore one of my absolute favorite lingerie sets, the Leading Strings bra and thong (though that does remain hidden!) from incredible lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers. I paired it with a mesh bodysuit (from the super awesome Forever 21 Plus collection) that, because of the strong black lines, really goes well with the design of the bra.  To bring some colour and softness into the look, I chose to wear it with a floral pair of pants.

Velvet ravens

A while ago I spotted these leggings on the Black Milk Clothing twitter page, and I instantly fell in love. Soft, velvety high waisted leggings with ravens on them!? I had to have them! So I splurged (BMC are on the pricey side, but worth it) and I couldn’t be happier with them. They are perfect for autumn/winter. How do you feel about leggings? I have quite a collection but barely wear them anymore. This pair really got me wondering why I gave up on them.

I like to pair leggings with long black tops like this one, or layer them with a cute top and a cardigan. I will definitely be wearing these more often, and might show you guys some different ways to style leggings in an upcoming post!

Pics by Marco Edelman

The Bees(over)knees

Autumn calls for overknee boots! The shining star of today’s outfit? These gorgeous Sacha boots with gold embroidered insects all over. I instantly fell in love with them. I’ve paired the boots with a cute faux leather mini dress and layered a cardigan and coat over them for a nice warm fall look. I wanted a fishnet look on the legs but I didn’t want to be freezing so layered my fishnets over some 20den Orublu Magic tights.

Glasses Osiris

Warm Winter

A super warm and sultry look for the cold winter days.

I got this super warm and fluffy jacket from Bershka recently, and I have pretty much been living in it. It’s so soft and comfy! Love the hood, too. Makes me feel comfortable and cool at the same time.

Make-up details:
@nyxcosmetics Perfect filter palette in ‘Rustic Antique’
@limecrimemakeup Venus palette

@lorealmakeup true match foundation in N2 & true match concealer in 1R/C
@nyxcosmeticsnl duo chromatic illuminating powder in Snow Rose & high definition blush in Pink the town

@limecrimemakeup Teddy Bear velvetine & Diamond Crusher in ‘cheap thrill’

Septum clicker from @alloverpiercings

Girls bite back

Girls bite back’
Casual work look with a fun little touch. I found this shirt in the sale rack at my local H&M and instantly fell in love. I’ve paired it with a high waisted super comfy 4 way stretch denim from H&M. Being plus size, I feel like finding comfortable jeans really hard. As a result, I  barely ever wear jeans, so this is a rarity!

Pic @juul_photography
Retouch @josefienhoekstra

Top @hm
Earrings @bershkacollection
Glasses Osiris
Lipstick @limecrimemakeup