Christmas Gold

A few days ago Maybelline sent me a package with their holiday favorites. A cute warm toned palette, a red velvet lipstick, an eyeliner and a mascara. Today I tried all of them out to see how they performed and if I could create a nice glam look for the holidays.

The palette, which is named “Countdown palette”, has a nice mix of mattes, shimmers and glitter shades. It’s quite small and fits easily into a small purse or make-up bag so you can easily take it with you when you travel or just have it in your bag for touch-ups, which is really convenient. What’s a bit of a bummer to me is that the palette doesn’t come with a mirror and the packaging isn’t the most exciting. For a holiday release, I would like it to be a little more “extra” with the packaging. But hey, it does what it needs to do! 
The palette performs quite well, the colour payoff is good and I didn’t notice any creasing or fading during the day. My eyes get easily irritated which makes them water a lot, and that did sadly happen with this palette. I’m happy with the look I created and I do want to try it again to see if it was actually the palette, though. Sometimes my eyes just have a bad day.

I recommend applying the glitter shades with your fingers (that’s what I always do, and it worked here too!)

If you want to get this palette, I found it online for prices ranging between €10 and €18.

The mascara performed really well and definitely gave me very full, long lashes. The shape of the wand works really well and covers your lashes quickly and gives them a nice lift an curl. It feels good and doesn’t irritate my eyes even after a full day of wearing it. The eyeliner definitely lives up to its name, it’s incredibly precise and the tip is quite hard (but not too hard) and thin, so you can get a really crisp line or super precise cat eye. It’s a felt tip liner and I usually don’t like using those, but after some getting used to it I’m not mad at it. It doesn’t crack and still looks good after a full day of wearing the eye look. I image it’ll also be fun to use for small dots and detailing, but I’ve yet to try that out.

Online I could find the mascara + eyeliner giftset for around €17

Lastly, the lipstick. The SuperStay Matte Ink Lipstick in Pioneer. This might very well be my favorite item! It’s a gorgeous red that applies super smoothly. It’s a matte lipstick that feels very soft and velvety. It stays ever so slightly sticky if you apply it a bit too thick. It’s a matte-but-not-too-matte liquid lipstick. It’s long lasting and stayed on after eating lunch, drinking water and having a snack. Eventually I removed it (with oil) because my lips were getting a bit dry, but it was still looking really good! It also has a very nice scent. It’s not overly perfumed but has a subtle, sweet smell that reminds me of..cake? Cookies? Something delicious and sweet, anyway!

The price for this lipstick varies between €5,14 and €11,99, so definitely shop around to get the best deal!

All in all, these items are good and don’t dissapoint. The palette did irritate my eyes but, like I said, this happens often with me. It might be some of the ingredients. I’ve noticed that they used carmine, which also makes it non-vegan. Because Maybelline is not listed as a cruelty free company, I have never purchased any of their products, but I have hope that more companies will change for the better and think about sustainability and the creatures we share this planet with.

Below is some more information from

  • Finished products tested on animals: No
  • Ingredients tested on animals: No (Note: Possible exceptions)
  • Third party animal testing: No
  • Tested on animals where required by law: Yes
  • Sold in mainland China: Yes
  • Certifications: None (On PETA’s “do test” list)
  • Parent company: L’Oreal
  • Parent company status: NOT cruelty-free

These points make me it hard for me to immediately recommend the products, but if you don’t care about products being vegan and your eyes aren’t as sensitive as mine (they’re quite silly, I get teary eyed super fast and they are dry and irritated a lot) then you might quite like it.

Lots of love

Necia   |   Josefien

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