Stylishly Merry

Oh my God, you guys. Do you ever come across that one product in a store that you just can’t take your eyes off of? That one thing that you just HAVE to have? For me, it was this eye shadow. It’s an ‘extra dimension eye shadow’ in the shade “Stylishly Merry” from the MAC Cosmetics holiday collection.

I haven’t really been into MAC for a while now, they didn’t really release anything that excited me, but that completely changed with this holiday collection. I’m absolutely in love with the packaging and the actual products, too. I visited the new MAC store in Utrecht a while ago and wanted to buy way too many things. I’m on a tight budget, so I only got one item. It’s incredibly pretty though, so no regrets! You will definitely experience some glitter fallout with this eye shadow, so be warned! It has a gorgeous colour shift going on that I tried to capture in the photos below. It shifts from gold to peachy pink and sometimes a little purple? I don’t even know.. there’s a lot going on, and I am here for it!

I used the eye shadow for a festive warm halo eye look. I’m already inspired by the upcoming holidays!  It’s quite easy to do but definitely looks glamorous and dramatic, which I really enjoy.

What are your thoughts on this make-up look and the MAC Holiday collection? Let me know!

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